The LL.M. Programme of Goa University with Choice Based Credit System of Instruction is to enable those students who have passed the LL.B. professional Programme, to seek academic excellence and to facilitate job opportunities, which require higher level of legal learning. The current CBCS is aimed to restructure the LL.M. Programme to suit the present needs and to implement recommendation of University Grants Commission.

Duration and Specializations of the Programme

  • The LL.M. Programme shall be of two years duration with four Semesters. Each Semester shall have minimum 15 weeks of teaching, excluding the break, vacation and examination.
  • The LL.M. programme shall be offered in any one or more of the following Specializations:
    1. Labour and Industrial Law
    2. Criminal Law
    3. Intellectual Property Rights
    4. Corporate and Commercial Law
    5. Constitution and Administrative Law

Admission and Eligibility

To be eligible for admission to the LL.M. Programme, a candidate shall be required to have obtained a minimum of 50% marks in aggregate at the 5 years or 3 years LL.B. Programme, recognized by the Bar Council of India.
Admission to the LL.M. Programme shall be based on merit. The Merit List shall be prepared, based on the highest score obtained by the candidate at the 5 years or 3 years LL.B. Programme.

Colleges offering the LL.M. Programme may choose from amongst the above Specializations. Colleges must expressly mention on their website and the prospectus about the Specializations offered, at the beginning of each Academic Year.

Students shall opt for any one of the Specializations offered by the College, at the time of admission to the Programme. The selected candidates shall be admitted by the College in the specified Specialization in the First Semester itself based on merit and the availability of seats.

Reservation of seats shall be in accordance with the directives of the Government of Goa and as adopted by Goa University. A candidate applying for admission under these categories shall be required to submit a valid certificate to that effect, issued by the Officer of the rank of the Deputy Collector or any other authorized Officer as notified by the State Government.

Scheme of Instruction

The instructional scheme for the LL.M. Degree Programme shall be based on the system of time-integrated units called Credits. To be eligible for the award of a Degree under the Choice Based Credit System (CBCS), a student shall be required to earn a minimum of 48 Credits.

One Credit Theory Course shall be equivalent to 15 contact hours of learning activities such as lectures, group discussion, seminars, problem solving, tutorials and assessment. For example, A Four Credit Course shall have 60 contact hours (4 hours per week x 15 weeks) of these learning activities.

The Credits shall comprise of Core Courses, Optional Courses and Dissertation. The Programme shall have Core Courses of 32 Credits, Optional Courses compulsorily of 8 Credits and a compulsory dissertation comprising of 8 Credits. An adequate number of Optional Courses shall be offered to choose from, as recommended by the Board of Studies (BoS) and approved by the Academic Council, in order to earn the 8Optional Credits. In case a student opts for an Optional Course from outside the parent College, such Course shall be decided by the Departmental Faculty Committee (DFC).

A student shall be eligible for the award of LL.M. Degree on the successful completion of 48 Credits. A student is also permitted to obtain maximum 8 additional Credits (48 + 8 =Total of 56 credits). However, the Degree/final Grade shall be awarded /computed based on his/her performance in Core Courses and the best performance of the Optional Courses required fulfilling the minimum number of Credits for the award of the LL.M. Degree. Additional Credits, if any, shall however, be depicted in the final transcript/mark sheet.

A student is required to obtain a minimum of 40 Credits from the parent Institute, at which the student is registered; of which 32 would be the minimum number of Core Credits and Dissertation of 8 credits. The remaining 8 Credits may be earned by the student by choosing from Optional Courses either from the parent Institute or any other Institute. Permission to transfer Credits in case of Institutions not affiliated to Goa University, may be allowed on a case to case basis by the Departmental Faculty Committee (DFC).




Semester I

  1. Comparative Public Law
  2. Research Methodology
  3. Law, Society and Legal Thought

Semester II

  1. Legal Education and Legal Pedagogy
  2. Specialization Core Course – I
  3. Specialization Core Course – II

Semester III

  1. Specialization Core Course – III
  2. Open Elective Course – I

Semester IV

  1. Specialization Core Course – IV
  2. Open Elective Corse – II
  3. Dissertation


Fee Structure

The first and second years of the LL.M. Degree Programme are governed by the fee structure as indicated in the below mentioned table.






Tuition Fee 32,500.00 32,500.00
College Development fund 1000.00 1000.00
Computer Lab Fees 1000.00 1000.00
Library Deposit (Refundable) 1000.00
Library Fee 1500.00 1500.00
Gymkhana Fee 250.00 250.00
Student Activity Fee 174.00 174.00
Goa University Registration Fee 500.00
University Administration Fee 1000.00 1000.00
Student Aid Fund 58.00 58.00
Other Fees 330.00 330.00
Miscellaneous Fee 200.00 200.00
TOTAL (Rs.) 39,512.00 38,012.00