Rules and Regulations

On Admission to the college, every student shall carry his / her Identity Card. The Identity Card shall be produced on demand by the student while on the premises of the College. In the event of loss of identity card, a fresh identity card shall be issued on payment of prescribed fees.

All students shall abide by the general rules laid down by the college in connection with the conduct of student within the college campus.

All important announcements will be displayed on the college Notice Board from time to time and it is the duty of the students to read the notice board from time to time. Omission to take note of such announcements shall not be a valid excuse for non compliance thereof.

No union or association of students shall be started in the college without prior permission of the Principal.

No person shall be invited to address or entertain the students in the college without prior permission of the Principal.

General and Mandatory Regulations of the College

The College offers professional degree of LL.B. which is recognized by Bar Council of India for the purpose of enrolment as an Advocate as per Advocates Act, 1961.

Dress Code

Students are expected to dress in a decent and proper manner.


Students are expected to maintain the cleanliness within the college premises.

Arrival and Departure From the Premises

The Students are expected to arrive in the college premises only half an hour before their class and remain in the premises only for half an hour after the class except when they have specific library work and in which case they should be found in the library engaged in reading / writing and nowhere else.

Students are informed that only regular students of the college are allowed to enter the premises. Therefore they should not bring/accompany outsiders into the college premises. Persons other than regular students are not allowed to enter the classrooms, or library. In case of emergency, outsiders should contact the college office and inform the purpose of their visit on a slip of paper along with their name and address and the same will be notified to the student concerned but such slips will be retained by the college office as a record. In any case no outsiders or visitors will be allowed to enter classroom, library, or any other place within the college premises.

Staff Student Relation

The students are expected to maintain cordial and respectful relationship with the staff of this college.

The college staff room is exclusively meant for the use of the staff. Students should not unnecessarily enter or indulge in conversation in the staff room.

Ban on Private Tuitions

No students or teachers shall participate in any coaching class or tuition with respect to the subject prescribed herein. No student shall purchase or no teacher shall sell any study material. Any study materials to be circulated in the classroom or otherwise requires permission of the Principal. Teachers or the students are expected not to resort to commercial means in imparting their knowledge. Any violation in this behalf will be considered as against the code as per rules and regulations of the University.

Ban on Smoking and Consumption of Alcoholic Drinks

Smoking and consumption of alcoholic drinks within the college premises and 100 meters radius beyond the college premises is strictly prohibited. Any person indulging in such activity is subject to suitable disciplinary action as per the existing laws.

Ban on Use of Mobile Phones

Use of Mobile / Cellular and any other type of phones in the college premises is strictly prohibited. Any contravention of this instruction shall attract disciplinary action.

Ban on Ragging

If any student indulges in ragging in the college premises, he/she is likely to be punished with suspension from the institution or classes for a limited period or fine with a public apology or expulsion with suspension from the institution.

Duration for the Completion of the Course

The total duration available for the students to complete the course shall be two times the actual duration prescribed for the course. The students who do not complete the course/pass all the examinations prescribed for the course within the available duration, shall have to discontinue the course.

The first University examination must be completed in a maximum of 4 attempts and within a period of maximum 3 years from the date of admission to the course.


Attendance rules are strict, as per the Goa University rules, a student must have a minimum of 75% attendance during each semester to qualify for the written examination. Any student not fulfilling the minimum required percentage of attendance shall not be permitted to undertake any examination – Internal or External.