Attendance rules for all programmes are as per the Goa University Ordinance OA-17. A student is required have a minimum of 75% attendance in accordance with this Ordinance OA-17 to be eligible to answer any examination, including internal assessment, conducted by either the institution or the University.

Choice of Optional Subjects

A student has to compulsorily exercise his/her choice of optional subjects, if any, for the respective semesters and inform the admission committee of the same, at the time of seeking admission.

Duration for the Completion of all the Programmes Offered:

The total duration available for students to complete any of the programmes is twice the period prescribed for the respective programmes.

Important Information

  1. Changes in Fee Structure, if any, will be informed/ notified as per University Fee Structure Committee Guidelines.
  2. The annual tuition fee is fixed with the approval of Goa University and the Government of Goa as per the directives of the Ministry of Human Resource Development Government of India. If any changes are made, the students will be required to pay the fees accordingly.
  3. Fees will be increased 5% every subsequent year as per Goa University guidelines.
  4. Journals for internal assessment, practical work, project and work record will be supplied by the College Office.
  5. Fees have to be paid by challan as provided at the College office.
  6. Needy students requiring relaxation of time/period for payment of fees must obtain permission from Principal by submitting an application in that regard. Application for relaxation of time for payment of fees may be granted only in exceptional circumstances. The examination form of a student having arrears will not be forwarded to the University.
  7. Students applying for Transfer Certificate from college should have cleared all dues. A student applying for transfer Certificate shall remit prescribed fees.
  8. Development fees of Rs. 1000/- will be collected from the students as per Goa University guidelines.
  9. Examination fee payable for each semester is fixed by the University from time to time.

Cancellation of Admission:

A student who wishes to cancel his/her admission will be eligible for refund of fees as per rules laid down by the Goa University.

General Rules and Regulations

All students are required to adhere to any rules and regulations which govern their conduct, including dress code, cleanliness and hygiene, staff-student relations, dignity and decorum, use of mobile phones, ragging, sexual harassment of girl students etc. as may be notified from time to time by the College and other competent authorities.

Strict disciplinary action will be taken against any student who contravenes the rules and regulations of the institutions as notified from time to time, including censure, suspension and/or expulsion.