The Counseling session for the teachers/faculty members was conducted by counselor Ms. Nisha Costa on 6th October 2017 in the College smart class on the topic ‘Addiction to Technology &  Blue Whale Challenge’- What you should know’.

The following faculty members attended the session:

  • Dr. Saba Da Silva
  • C.J.F. Prasanna Kumar
  • Goretti Simoes
  • S.N. Inavalli
  • Sonali Naik
  • Shruti Nadkarni
  • Sonia Shirodkar
  • Ruby Z. Luis
  • Prasanna Timble
  • Muriel A. Fernandes
  • Afshan Bi
  • Sonali S. Dhamsekar
  • Manoj Hede
  • A.R. Salve

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